Friday, October 15, 2004

Check Out

I've been sick, one of those weird virusy-flu things that seem to have hit this fair city earlier than usual this year, but here's a new post.

I want everyone to know about this group blog: MamasInk, at The mamas writing in are part of the MamaWriters group, and they include some of everyone's fave mama writers, like Ann Douglas, and Andrea Buchanan, and Ayun Halliday, and Katie Alison Granju, and Hillary Flowers, and Erica Lutz, and many, many more. I'm there too.

What I love about this site, well, beyond the fact that these mamas are damn good writers and make beautiful use of words and vision, is the example it sets. Of mothers working together on a project. Everyone could go their own separate way, do motherhood in isolation, and write in isolation, not trusting others. But this site, and the MamaWriters in general, have a broader, wider vision of women trusting each other and working together.

This vision we need.

And thanks to Anne-Marie at A Mama's Rant for her great blog about my blog. She's at, so stop on by. And one of these days I'll figure out how to do my links. Feel free, anyone, to send me advice!


djuggler said...

A link is created with this code:
<a href="url"> Whatever text you want </a>
A url looks like
So you could link to this with:
<a href=""> </a>
which in context would look like:
MamasInk.comTo edit it in your template, log into Blogger and click the tab that says "template". Scroll down until you find "Edit-Me" and replace the edit-me link with the MamasInk example above.

Good luck! And enjoy blogging! Found you through BlogExplosion btw.

You can also find google blog tips at Spy Journal Blog Tips and technical information at Spy Journal Tech Tips

Anonymous said...

Hi -- just saw your blog, and can't wait to see the book! My husband Paul Miller told me about it -- I think you guys know each other from BAP.

Do you know about It's another parenting/moms' website with lots of great info and attitude about mothering in a social/political context. It's published by Bee Lavender, one of the editors of Mamaphonic: Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts, and an old friend of mine.

I'll link to your blog from my LiveJournal, which is sort of a blog too... I know a lot of people will be interested in the CA benefits info as well as your forthcoming book! My URL is

BTW, for info on web authoring and html, I have always found Webmonkey helpful.

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