Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pink, Reprise

My best friend Laura is among the characters in the book. She's an eccentric soul, and among the sweetest, smartest and most generous people I know. In the book, she's at her day job, a feminist theorist/professor who helps us think about what "choice" really means.

Laura's other brilliance, her afternoon job, if you will, is that she's an extraordinarily talented second hand shopper. My closets are full of her finds. If you read down below to "Pink," she's the friend who sends me a pink cashmere sweater, hounded from Bargain Thrift, to help me sort through the gender ambivalence of pink. Laura's also a one-woman PR machine. She's been guiding her friends to my blog. One of them emailed her and said she particularly liked the "Pink" entry. Hearing that, Laura shifted into gear, figured the last pink cashmere was five years back. She showed up at my house tonight with a second cozy pink cashmere, of course, from our favorite junk store. It was especially poignant since Laura's leaving town for four months, and I'll miss her. L--this entry's for you!

More tomorrow on:
my first (pre)-book appearance;
and the weekend's media on motherhood, including, how can one NYT reporter willfully get mom blogs so wrong;

Finally, kudo's to Lisa Belkin's NYTimes column on how parents want day-to-day flexibility and we also want career path flexibility, and an end to the rigid professional paths that don't excuse time off for childraising.


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