Thursday, February 24, 2005

Join the MotherTalk phenom

We're trying to get a certain New York Times reporter interested in the MotherTalk energy (see below) .... Untill it hits print media, if you want to be included on the MotherTalk list for future events, contact Andi or me. One person already emailed Andi from Rhode Island to say she's so hungry for this kind of talk between mothers--real talk, talk about change and improvement---that she'll travel all the way to our fair city of Philadelphia. Can we make Mother Talk into a Mom's Night Out cultural destination? Shall I turn my guest bedroom into a B and B to support my writing habit? Stay tuned!


Danya said...

...or is there a way to help people organize similar events in their cities?

Ann D said...

If I can figure out a way to piggyback some other stuff on to a trip to Philly, I will be there. I'd love to talk motherhood with the two of you!

Ann D
The Mother of All Blogs

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