Friday, July 08, 2005

Announcement, finally

I've been reminded by several readers and friends that I've been neglecting to announce what I'd anounced several weeks, many weeks back, that I'd announce! Reaching for the personal has always been hard for me, especially as I've seen mama writer friends who speak with personal and vulnerable voices raked over the coals--but also loved and beloved for daring to speak so lyrically and honestly. I've experienced first hand, as many of us, have how difficult it can be to cross those boundaries between political and public, and then, the private and personal souls that we are.

I am pregant! Yes, due in December, a girl, healthy so far as they can tell, and of course, as a mom just over 40 and dumped into the high risk category, I've seen the little thing by sonogram more times than I can count or keep track of. The administrator at my midwife's office probably thinks of me as that woman who always calls and says, "The peri-natal unit wants a prescription for three more sonograms, can you send it to them...."

I"m healthy and feeling good now, but all of you who met me during the book tour for Truth Behind the Mommy Wars unsuspectedly met a very tired, exhausted and nauseus woman desparately trying to hold it all together. On one trip to DC in late May, I nearly didn't make it back. It was a sunday afternoon, I had just finished a small book gathering at the home of Elizabeth from Half-Changed World. I got on the beltway to head back north on I-95. And know what I really wanted to do? Pull to the side of the road and sleep for ten hours. Call Rob and ask him to come get me. Call AAA and see if they wouldn't send a tow truck out to pull me the next three hours home. And it was my birthday, too.

But all that's behind me now, that bone wrenching first trimester tiredness. Now it's back to ordinary life. Post-book tour, baby on the way, my daughter in summer camp for four more weeks before we head to camp grandma and grandpa for the rest of the summer.


landismom said...


Elizabeth said...

Mazel tov!

I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well that day -- you carried the event off with elan.

Glad to year that you're feeling a bit better now.

Becky said...

Congratulations! Take care of yourself.

(from the M&M POWER loop)

Jody said...

Congratulations! That's fantastic news.

Ayoye said...

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