Friday, September 16, 2005

In DC Next the JCC

For any friends and readers in the DC area--I'll be speaking next week at the JCC. The event's on Thursday, September 22. Contact me or hariet@dcjcc for more info. It should be a good event, most of these are, I've found, I'll be talking about parenting, mothers and fathers, work, desire, the usual, but also, what it means to start to become politically active about these issues, to reach out just a bit, in ways that fit into our lives, to summon the courage to make change that goes behind our nuclear families.


Regina said...

Sounds awesome!
I wish I could be there but it is a long way from NYC!

Miriam Peskowitz said...

Hi Regina,

Looks like I'll be back in DC in April, possibly for an event at the Upper West Side JCC.