Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And More

Yes, as the tagline goes, a mom's life is political. But a mom's--any parent's--life is day-to-day and at times wonderful and at times quite tedious. Right now in this mom's life, most daytime hours revolve as much around writing, working, and cleaning up as they do about caring for this cutie pie (and her older sister, too). Here's her pic for all to see.


karrie said...

She looks very happy. Great job, mama!

Anjali said...

What a doll, Miriam. I can't believe how big she's grown!

CrankMama said...

She's adorable!! YOu are clearly doing a great job in all of your various life tasks!

I tried to comment over at Everyday Mom but it didn't work.



Ann D said...

What a lovebug. Sigh.