Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Baby's Here!

It's back to one-hand typing for me, because little Amelia Jane arrived on Friday evening, all 8 pounds, 15 ounces of her sweet little self!

More in the days ahead, and I am back to daily blogging at Hylands, for those who want the birth story, and my forthcoming comparisons on which was better, my relatively sanitized, epiduralized Atlanta birth, or my grittier, mostly un-pain-medicated Philadelphia one (and thanks to many friends who do natural birth for coming clean about how damn painful it really is....).

But above all, it's about love right here in our home. Tons and tons of babylove and familylove.

Here's the announcement we sent out:

Friends, help us welcome Amelia Jane Baird into our family, born Friday evening December 16th, a little after evening's seven, a tad under nine pounds, and twenty-one inches at full stretch.

Labor was horrific (and mercifully short, I'm supposed to say). It's a miracle to have survived with body and psyche intact, I tell you. Everyone in a few mile radius of Chestnut Hill Hospital no doubt heard me scream curse words of pain that drunken sailors would be embarrassed to call their own.

We left the hospital Saturday evening, persuaded by several nurses to skip any and all holiday parties and head straight home. Ever since, little Amelia has been sleeping, nursing, and today, opened her eyes and looked around. When not having her diaper changed she is peaceful, serene, lovely.

. . .


Elizabeth said...

Mazel tov!

radmama said...


And what a beautiful name!

Dawn said...

Congratulations, Miriam! Can't wait to see pictures!!

Leggy said...

Congrats- I like the name Amelia also. Enjoy the holiday.

Rachel said...

I just started reading your post (I'm a friend of Anjali's) and had to say congratulations! I still remember the joy of bringing each of my children home from the hospital, but am amazed that you chose to go home so early. I hope you have a lot of help at home. Good luck and congratulations!

LAmom said...

Congratulations, Miriam!

baby sleep said...

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