Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Visit to Mothers & More

I am tired, and that cold lingers and will drag me to bed soon. But: I am excited after my visit to Mothers & More last night. I wrote about it on my Hylands blog, and will write more in coming days. I also had a provocative and interesting visit to St. Joseph's University, where I visited a Social Problems class that ended with the professor asking me what advice I would give a 20-something woman heading down a career path, given what we know about the collission course between mothers and jobs (answer: tomorrow).

I then gave a talk in the library, and was impressed by the faculty and students and their questions, particularly by an older faculty member who, when I mentioned that St. Joe's now leads local universities in family friendly policies, replied, "Yes. We worked on that for twenty-five years."

More tomorrow. It is these times when I get to be a public activist that make so much of the solitude of writing, and its crazy unpredictable rhythms feel right.

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