Friday, October 21, 2005

Other Blog


For a few weeks now I've been posting to an alternate blog, one I've agreed to do for Hylands. It's a more personal blog/forums. The writing is different, it's slightly less political, and more concerned with the everyday of parenting. On this blog, for a while now, my writer's voice has felt caught, it's too political, too angry, too one-dimensional, and I don't know exactly how to shift that. I've also been concerned that there are too many "anonymous--check out my commercial blog" responses. I know the web stats, so I know people are visiting in nice numbers, but I need more sense of community around this blog, to feel energized by other readers and writers. I also need a change in voice. I'm going to shift gears for a while, and focus more on the other blog for a few weeks, so please come with me and check it out.

My hope is that a break from Playground Revolution will help me solve the political vs personal divisions that are daunting, and haunting, and that don't reflect the kind of writing I really want to do. I'll post here once a week or so, but please, feel welcome at the other blog. I post there every afternoon; you just need to go the site and do a quick registration. I'll be back here at Playground Revolution soon, perhaps with a new set up, and a tone that more honestly reflects where I am now.

Thanks for understanding,



nate said...

I've only found your blog recently & am enjoying it, although you haven't been posting much lately. I'm a midwestern WOHM w/ east coast ties, and look forward to getting to know you, virtually of course. (I've really connected w/ what you've said about various things...)

Anyway, the Hylands URL is wrong--I believe it's
(you left off the s at the end...)

Isabel Kallman said...

Dear Miriam--

I agree, you need to do what is right for you and your family. I have always appreciated your candor and sharing with us these sentiments is yet another way to express that honest, true and complex voice that parents. Thank you.

I will follow you to Hylands, of course.