Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Time, Whither Time....

News, news, and a personal time-update: There's a ton of stuff I wish I had the time to write about: Wendy Wasserstein's death, Betty Friedan's death, and Judy Warner's excellent Op-Ed in today's (Wednesday's) New York Times.

With baby in hand, I don't have the time, so instead, readers, head over to Jen at the Literary Mama blog; she has important things to say, and she quotes our other friend Ann Douglas, at length, who also has smart things to say. One great thing about being part of a community of mom-and-women bloggers is letting go of that sense of having to hold the world up on one's shoulders: there are so many smart women out there to share the job. With a newborn at home, there's precious little time for writing these days. With these ten minutes here at the Playground as an exception, when my babysitter's here I do the work that sends a check at the end of the month. Because last fall's new-roof-on-my-house was not just a literary convention I wrote about so that angry old-fashioned feminist authors could accuse me of light-headedness and frivolity; it came, unfortunately, with an invoice, a rather large invoice, attached.

So, check out Warner's article today, and know that I am right there with all the other moms and dads wondering where the time is for ourselves and for creative projects and for taking part in the world at large. I'm with you. I am you. And I'm still here thinking and talking our way into a better future for all parents, and glad that others are out there writing. Some people like to be the token, the only one, the person without whom all hell would break loose. Not me. I like knowing that if I'm living life at a slower pace, if I can't respond in a day with an Op-Ed, that someone else is there to keep the mom-conversation out in public. All thanks to Judy Warner for the work she's doing to make these issues public.

Finally, if you want a treat and you live in Philadelphia, I'll be appearing with Andi Buchanan, author of Mother Shock, It's a Boy, the Literary Mama Anthology (and the forthcoming It's a Girl) THIS SATURDAY, February 11th, at 3.30 at the Big Blue Marble Bookstore in Mt. Airy. Come on down for a MotherTalk at what is now the coolest most happening corner in Philadelphia, Carpenter at Greene. (Update: I just heard that on March 18th, fave author Marion Winik will be at the Big Blue, another mom-lit treat.) And after the MotherTalk, definitely stop in across the corner at the High Point cafe, a bit of Seattle relocated in Philly. Great coffee and crepes, the Seattle/Philly combo's a good one. And it's the kind of place where they get to know your name, and it feels like home. It's breastfeeding friendly too, I can tell you from experience. Heck, it's just plain friendly.

If you can't make, do check out Big Blue Marble's website. This new independent bookstore is run by the mom of a young child, and who's events coordinator has a young child, which means finally: a book store that's focused on parents and motherhood, not to mention building audiences for writing about mothering and the parenting life. (There's also a playspace for kids in the 2d floor cafe; that's walking the walk.)



Anonymous said...

Aaah, I work Saturday. However, I'll post the notice on the website for my stay-at-home-moms group, MOMSNWPhilly. On a related note, your links seem to be broken.

Take care and enjoy that baby!

Catherine C.
(S)mothering Two in Philly

kj said...

You're right to thank Judy Warner, and Devra (I love her too) for keeping this conversation going, and thanks for finding time to blog about it and leading me to it. I wish I were part of it--and I so understand about having to do the work that keeps the kids alive and pays for the new roof. First thinkgs, first, I guess, but thank god there are a few people who can put THIS first.

tomama said...

Hey thanks for the mention. And congrats again. Here's wishing you lots of (or at least some) sleep filled nights.