Friday, August 04, 2006

Ghost in the House

Something to look forward to: MotherTalk is devoted next week to Tracy Thompson's new book Ghost in the House which is about maternal depression, and includes an honest account of Tracy's own struggles with depression, both before and during motherhood. MotherTalk is hosting a blog tour, and I'll have more info soon on that. I'm not an official stop on the blog tour but over the next few weeks I'll be chiming in about Ghost in the House. I read it last week, in the midst of everything, and it gave me pause, and much to consider. My friend Phyllis, struggling with her own depression, when I interviewed her for The Truth behind the Mommy Wars, told me that she thought most mothers were depressed, and that motherhood, with its repetitions, was highly depression-causing. That's something to debate, but the important thing is that for mothers, and I will add: parents, suffering with depression, there's finally a humane, full-length treatment of it that takes into consideration both parents and children (and our own parents as well), and does this within a context that recognizes the crazy culture of parenting we live in.

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