Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Have Been a Blogging Idiot....

Because I accidentally deleted a comment from Karrie this morning, I had an unexpected discovery: my spam blocker has been keeping all sorts of legitimate and happy and very interesting comments off my blog. And I haven't had the time or energy to troubleshoot it, I just assumed people weren't leaving messages. Friends, I've tried to make right, hopefully pressed the right buttons now, and old comments should be filtering back on to their rightful entries. I've tinkered with settings, and it should all be good in the future, letting in the real people and keeping out the folks trying to sell me things. Thanks for everyone's thoughs, and good wishes, and inspiration.

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Lone Star Ma said...

Ha! I've spent like a year wondering what I could possibly have done to offend you when I love your work so much and we share some virtual friends in common. Maybe she hates lactivist-types and thinks we are an arm of the mommy wars, I thought...surely not... must just be me...what did I do? Anyway, I see that some of my comments are now up so I am guessing it was just the filter thing.

Hi! I adore your book and have had you on my blogroll for ages. Thanks for all that you do!