Monday, August 07, 2006

The Mommy Brain-Drain on Wall Street

Hands off to the NYTimes article this Sunday about women who work on Wall Street. Yes, most of us don't work in the financial sector, and few of us live close enough to the NY Metro area to work on the real, actual Wall Street. Still, women in the big finance companies (as women lawyers) are one of the ways we talk about mothers, work, recruitment to high-paying jobs, and to workplace reentry. Plus, these companies are extremely powerful in trendsetting. That's why this article, which suggests that change is happening, that companies are trying to stem the mommy brain-drain caused by offering no flexibility to mothers might be changing. As always, I'd like to hear from women who are on the ground, to see what it really looks like.

Still trying to sort out my feelings about the NYT piece about Sesame Street's new girly-girl main character, who's out in front and loves queey, cute dresses too.

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PunditMom said...

The article said they needed another "girl" character besides Zoe? What's wrong with Zoe? She's the perfect role model -- has girly hair decorations, but also loves to play trains with Elmo. She says what she thinks, especially if someone hurts her feelings, but in a nice way. I don't give the new "girl" long.