Sunday, November 06, 2005

MotherTalk Philly, Nov 17th

Tomorrow I will blog about why everyone seems to believe that pregnant women can never under any circumstance take any kind of medication, my current pet peeve, developed during these past three weeks of the cold-from-hell that finally turned into bronchitis. But that's tomorrow when the hour is earlier and I have more energy.

Tonight: an invite/e-vite to the next MotherTalk here in Philadelphia, the salon that Andi Buchanan and I host. We'll be featuring her new book It's a Boy and Marion Winik's new book Above Us Only Sky. Here's the e-vite, with RSVP list.

Join us if you can, and think about doing a MotherTalk wherever you live, with a live author, a local blogger or journalist or writes on mom-issues, or just a group of mothers getting together to talk about the combined joys and frustrations of motherhood, especially the social and political ones. There is a low rumbling of moms (and dads) being upset with the way things are, and with the lack of real support for balanced family life in our nation. I hear it, and I hear parents asking me how to act on their concerns, how to do the things we do in a democracy when we need to make our voices heard. So email your friends and invite them to a MotherTalk at your house. You can even patch me in by speakerphone if you need me!

Oh, and here's the new website/blog Andi and I set up for MotherTalk announcements, if you want to help spread the word.

ps--thanks to everyone for diaper bag suggestions of all kinds!


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Anjali said...

Hoping to make it to this one...