Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Why Can't Men be Like Women?"

Over at the other blog/forum, Rx: Chat, the one I get paid to write and attend to each day, I wrote about Nandini Pandya's essay "Why can't men be more like women?" currently posted on Mothers Movement Online. I found it charming, especially after my experience this morning, the fabulous sleep in, where my husband proved himself as competent as I at getting our daughter off to school. In fact, because he gets up earlier, she got to school with more minutes to spare than usual and was quite happy about that. And he's been the one to make all the arrangements to pick her up at her grandma's this afternoon.

We know from many fathers, including and especially those who are at home, or in other ways are the primary caregivers, that men can be as good caretakers as women, so it's just the sorry state of our culture that insures we need to constantly repeat this. So check out the other entry, and Nandini's article.

And I promise tomorrow, the story about St. Joe's....

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