Friday, March 31, 2006

Good Models...

This past weekend I was at a conference hosted by the Posen Foundation and the Center for Cultural Judaism, based in NYC. They asked several of us to meet with them in Miami. Because my husband had meetings that truly couldn't be rescheduled, I took both children, the 7-year-old and the baby with me. It was harrowing to get through the airport. At the end of the trip, this is what I found.

The Foundation had hired two babysitters and rented a suite in the hotel. They created a hotel camp/childcare for all the professors who needed to bring their children.

And, because my baby won't take a bottle and we were meeting not at the hotel but at the University of Miami, they hired a third babysitter devoted to my baby, who watched her in a nearby office and called me out whenever she needed to nurse.

How's that for a new experience, and a model of workplace family-friendliness that doesn't make us choose between being parents and professionals? Kudos to the Posens and the CCJ.

Also, bravo to Good Morning America for today's good show on "Mothers Make it Work."

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