Saturday, March 04, 2006

Run, Don't Walk

I'll be posting this several times over the next few weeks so we all remember: Marion Winik is coming to Philadelphia again to read and talk.

Here's the info, from the MotherTalk blog: MotherTalk Mt. Airy--Saturday, March 18th, 5 pm

Last month MotherTalk teamed up with the Big Blue Marble Bookstore, in Philadelphia's Mt. Airy section, and Andi and Miriam talked with an energetic group of moms, as the snow began to fall. In fact, the discussion was cut short as the store decided to close early, given the blizzard outside.

This month, MotherTalk and the Big Blue Marble are joining once again to present NPR commentator Marion Winik, author most recently of Above Us Only Sky. Come in, come all, no rsvp: Saturday, March 18, 5:00pm.

The wonderful new Big Blue Marble Bookstore is at 551 Carpenter Lane, at Greene, in Mt. Airy. Call 215 844 1870 for directions.

The Marble's website description:
MotherTalk with Marion Winik. Come drink wine and laugh with Marion Winik, NPR contributor and author of the new Above Us Only Sky (Seal Press). Wine and cheese, parenting discussion, and book signing/reading

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