Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stories Wanted for

You heard it here first: Mom's Rising will be the funnest part of May. Promise to supply details very soon, but here's a call for stories for their website. Feel free to pass it around. Trust me: is a place you'll want to be.

YOUR TRUE-LIFE STORY WANTED: A new online grassroots organization,, is working furiously to launch a website with an
ultimate goal of bringing motherhood and family issues to the forefront
of our country's awareness.

MomsRising is looking for 500 word (or so) personal essays for the
MomsRising website launch on April 15th. The Personal Stories feature is
a chance for women to share anecdotes about being a mother. The good,
the bad, the ugly, and especially the funny. We'd like to hear it. Send
your story to Kristin at by April 1st. Thanks!


tomama said...

Thanks for the link.


Eileen Flanagan said...

Thanks for the news, Miriam. I hope your trip went well!

radmama said...

Ooooo.. I'll have to pretend to be American and contribute!